MEETING: September 22, 1999


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of August 1999 Minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's Report
  4. Correspondence (from)
    1. Annual District 5 Spring Banquet - March 1999
    2. Senate Special Committee Request
    3. School Enrollment and Reclassification and Redistricting AD HOCK Proposals
    4. District Football Tournament Directors Meeting
    5. Rockwood District 5 Playoff Form 5/28/99
    6. Tussey Mountain and Turkeyfoot Valley Football Contract - 1999 Season
    7. Appointment of Dennis Leyman to Junior High/Middle School steering committee for Contest Rules and Standards
  5. Championship Football Medals
    1. Class "A" Champions
    2. Class "A" Runner-ups
    3. Class "AA" Champions
  6. Tournament Approval
    1. Conemaugh Township Boys/Girls Soccer - 9/18/99
  7. District 5 Banner Discussion
  8. Foreign Exchange Student Approval


  1. Meeting called to order at 2:10 P.M.
  2. Secretary's report of August 5, 1999 meeting approved. Lehman-Motion, Palmer-Second
  3. Treasurer's report approved.  Beachley - Motion, Maluchnick - Second
    1. Gave end of school year report, including some cost cutting measures to be considered.
    2. Payment of $75.12 to Christian Book Store for binders. DeFelice - Motion, Leyman - Second.
    3. We will continue to pay for the cost of the Official' State Conference.  The National Conference will be dropped for this year.  Maluchnick - Motion, Scott - Northern Bedford
  4. Correspondence - Chairman
    1. Banquet information sent to state
    2. School Enrollment and Reclassification AD HOCK Proposal.  District 5 favors additional classes in football and basketball and supports proposal #3.
    3. Ralph Scott will attend a District Football Tournament Directors meeting.
    4. Received report forms and $50.00 from Rockwood for sale of tickets at ballgame.
    5. Turkeyfoot signed 10th date football contracts with both Tussey Mt. and North Star.  We may need a hearing.  Mr. Palumbo will call Turkeyfoot and reach a solution or set a hearing.
    6. Appointment of Dennis Leyman to Junior High/Middle School Steering Committee for Contest Rules and Standards.
  5. Championship football medals will stay as is.  Team Plaque and Individual Medals.
    1. Class A Champions
    2. Class A Runner-ups
    3. Class AA Champions
  6. Tournaments Approved. Hall-Motion, Emerick-Second
    1. Conemaugh Twp. Soccer Tournament
    2. Windber Boosters Volleyball Tournament
  7. Mr. Palumbo has the cost of District Banners down to $100.00 from the supplier.  He will try to get them to $80.00. We are requesting a sample banner done in burgundy and gray.
  8. Foreign Exchange Student Approval
  9. Fall Sports Reports from Chairman
    1. Golf - Larry Palmer - Everything set for tournament
    2. Girls Tennis - Terry Diehl - All set
    3. Boys and Girls Soccer - Rick Heath, Dennis Lehman - Boys cutoff date - October 28
    4. Volleyball - Dawn Maluchnick - Soccer and Volleyball meeting on Sunday, October 31, Chestnut Ridge, at noon for all qualifying schools.  Shanksville cannot host volleyball playoffs.  Letter to inform them that the playoff will go to the next in line.
  10. If a school does not vote, they will be ineligible to compete for the next Sportsmanship Award.
  11. The basketball playoff dates will be revised and presented at the October 27 committee meeting.  The District 5 Handbook was distributed to all committee members and schools.
  12. The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM.