MEETING: June 28, 2000


  1. Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM
  2. Approval of minutes of May 10, 2000 meeting.  Motion - Hall, Second - Maluchnick.
  3. Approval of treasurer's report. Motion - Leyman, Second - DeFelice.
    1. Approval to pay Postage/Fax bill to Windber School District of $26.46. Motion - Hall, Second - Leyman.
    2. Approval to pay Joe Renzi for spring sport mileage of $60.00. Motion - Hall, Second - Leyman.
    3. Approval to pay Jaemie Gyurik $200.00 for summer work on our web site and update/linkage with the PIAA web site.  Motion - Palmer, Second - Maluchnick.
  4. Correspondence:
    1. Dave Eavenson, PIAA Athletic Director Rep. - Voting on state football classes. Virgil is to vote yes if Class A will be divided in half along with class AAAA, giving the state six classes in football.
    2. Senator Mellow - The district should not pay in the Kemether case. Virgil replied we already did.
    3. Connie Hummel, Principal - Shanksville. - Shanksville will add golf in  2000.
    4. Mr. Palumbo notified the committee of a letter sent by the PIAA Board of Directors to their legal attorneys concerning the cutting of heavy legal costs.
    5. Sportsmanship ballot votes will be kept secret among committee members and not given out to the public or media.
    6. Forbes Road was given permission to compete in district six field hockey. Motion - Hall, Second - Scott.
    7. Larry Palmer has accepted the position of Superintendent of the Forbes Road School District.  He will be able to remain as a district committee member representing Fulton County.
    8. The Summer Workshop will be held at the Arena on August 3, 2000, 10:00 AM.
  5. Windber School District asked for a waiver of Article 7, Section 6, number 1A of the PIAA Constitution, to grant Joe Ryan an extra year of athletic eligibility.  Joe lost an entire year of school due to a very serious auto accident.  Granted by 9-0-1 vote. Motion - Koba, Second - Palmer, Abstain - Palumbo.
  6. Mr. Palumbo asked the committee their feelings on Athletic Intent Enforcement.  The committee stated if both principals sign off, we do not fight it.  If one principal files a grievance, we will investigate the situation and make a decision.
  7. The new PIAA Middle School and Junior High Regulations were approved.  Motion - Leyman, Second - Hall.
  8. The committee worked at length on the 2000-2001 District 5 Handbook to be given to all district schools.
  9. The following stipends and fees were approved for the new PIAA event of team tennis championships. Motion - Scott, Second - Palmer.
    1. Director - $250.00
    2. Statistician - $200.00
    3. Balls - $50.00
    4. Team Entry Fee - $35.00
  10. Officials fees for district sports championships were increased for all sports. These vary according to each sport and the specific fees will be listed in the PIAA District 5 handbook for 2000-2001.  Motion - Leyman, Second - Scott.
  11. Due to the very heavy increase of work load on the district and state level, approval was given to increase the yearly stipend of the District Chairman to $1500. Motion - Koba, Second - Hall, Abstain - Palumbo.
  12. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.