MEETING: August 3, 2000


  1. Welcome/Roll Call
  2. Approval of New District 5 Committee members
    1. Scott Graham, Principal - Everett High School, replaces Joseph DeFelice - Bedford County
  3. Approval of June 28, 2000 Minutes
  4. Approval of Treasurer's Report
    1. Statement of Receipts and Revenue
    2. Treasurer's Report of June 28, 2000
    3. Treasurer's Report of August 3, 2000
  5. District 5 Letterhead Changes
  6. Correspondence
    1. Mr. Mike Ryan - Joe Ryan
    2. Forbes Road
    3. District 6 - Stan Bem
    4. PICA
    5. Football Playoffs
  7. Discussion of the District 5 Web Site
  8. Tickets - Wendy's
  9. Trophies
  10. Report
    1. Volleyball - Championship (3 vs 5 Sets)
    2. Basketball - Play-in Time Line
    3. Wrestling - One weight class certification date/no growth weight
    4. Girls Tennis
    5. Golf
    6. Soccer
    7. Football
    8. Cross Country Track
  11. District 5 Committee Official Evaluation - Responsibility of Local Chapters
  12. New Business
  13. Adjournment


  1. Meeting called to order at 1:30.
  2. Approval of June 28th minutes.  Motion-Leyman, Second-Health
  3. Approval of Treasurer's report.  We are in need of an audit.  Mr. Palmer will check into use of previous auditors or with the PIAA.
    1. Statement of Receipts and Revenues.  Motion-Scott, Second Beachley
    2. Treasurer's report of June 28, 2000.  Motion-Fisher, Second Hall.
    3. Treasurer's report of August 3, 2000.  Motion-Health, Second Hall.
  4. Correspondence
    1. Mr. Palumbo sent a letter to Mr. Mike Ryan, father of Joseph Ryan, telling him of the granting of an extra year of eligibility.
    2. Approval of Forbes Road to compete in District 6 Field Hockey Championships.
    3. Request that District 6 grant permission for District 5 schools to compete in 2000-2001 District 6 championships.
    4. PIAA Board of Directors has established a Pennsylvania Coaches Association
    5. PIAA Board of Directors has defeated a proposal to have 5 enrollment classes in football and also to change enrollment classifications in cross country and basketball.
  5. The District 5 website is down.  We are in the process of developing a new website connected with the PIAA server.
  6. Sports Reports
    1. The state Volleyball Championships will play a best 3 of 5 in the first round.  The rest will be 2 of 3.  We will stay best 2 of 3 throughout.
    2. In AA Basketball we will have a play-in time line, 4 vs. 5.  The cutoff will be February 22 and the play date on February 23 or 24.
    3. The Wrestling one weight class certification date/no growth failed at the PIAA.  We will keep the present 2 lb. growth increase in mid-January.
    4. In a Boys Soccer we will have two qualifiers to state playoffs.
  7. The evaluation of District 5 officials is the responsibility of the local District 5 Official's Chapters.
  8. Wendy's will continue to supply tickets for District 5 Championship events with the same program and the same numbers.  Adult and student tickets should be a different color for the same sport
  9. Foreign Exchange Students will have to come from a certified group as listed by the national association of secondary school principals or they will not be eligible.  Before schools do submit names for approval they should check the list of approved groups.
  10. The meeting was adjourned at 2:36 p.m.