MEETING: September 18, 2002


  1. Welcome/Roll Call
  2. Approval of August 3, 2002 Minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's Report
  4. Approval of Payment of Bills
  5. Ralph Scott - Resignation from District 5 Committee
  6. Approval of Foreign Exchange Students
  7. Transfer Paper Hearing
  8. Tournament Approval
  9. Correspondence To:
    1. District 5 passes
    2. Golf - Berlin
  10. Correspondence From
  11. New Business
    1. Cost for game fees
    2. Ticket purchase
    3. Official Recommendations for Fall Sports
  12. Reports
    1. Football
    2. Cross Country
    3. Golf
    4. Girls Tennis
    5. Girls Soccer
    6. Boys Soccer
    7. Volleyball
  13. Other Items
  14. Adjournment


  1. Meeting called to order - 2:10 p.m.
  2. Approval of August 1, 2002 Minutes
  3. Discussion of football finances with District 6, Approval of Treasurer's report
  4. The committee received the resignation of Ralph Scott, who has accepted the position of the Southern Fulton School District Superintendent.  Bedford County will name a new principal representative.  Mr. Scott will be the football chairman until the end of the present season.
  5. Foreign Exchange Student Approval
  6. The paper transfer of Dan G. Roberts of Shade was approved
  7. The following tournaments were approved:
    1. Shade Parents Boys Junior High Basketball
    2. Shade PTA Girls Junior High Basketball
    3. Windber Area Athletic Varsity Volleyball
    4. Conemaugh Twp. Soccer Boosters
  8. A Berlin golfer is in need of a cart during play.  This will be permitted in regular meets, but not in Districts or States.
  9. Fannett Metal requests the right to host district playoff events.  After much discussion, it was decided that if all Bedford and Fulton County schools agree, Fannett Metal can host a Fulton or Bedford County school if they rank higher.  If Fannett Metal ranks higher than a Somerset County school, the playoff event will be held in Bedford County.  Approval will be held until the October 23rd meeting.
  10. District Sports Reports
    1. Cross Country - District 5 competes with District 6
    2. Golf - Due to PSAT tests, the District championship will be changed from October 15 to October 14
    3. Volleyball - Tussey Mountain is not sending a schedule or results.  They are given until September 20 to send results or they will not be eligible for district playoffs.
  11. A discussion was held during the issuing of District 5 passes to all principals.  It was decided that the committee cannot dictate to every district school on this and that each school should decided how they handle admission of principals.
  12. Discussion was held concerning Fee Schedule Costs for district events.  The following was decided.
    1. Security will be capped at $150 if a school has to go beyond, should have permission of the sport chairman
    2. Ticket workers - Seller - $25.00, Taker - $20.00, if both same person - $35.00
    3. Timer, Scorer - $35.00.  Use scorer only for championship event.
    4. Medical - Trainer - $30.00
    5. Other expenses will be approved by the chairman of the sport
  13. Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.