MEETING: October 23, 2002


  1. Welcome/Roll Call
  2. Approval of September 18, 2002 Minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's Report
  4. Approval of Payment of Bills
  5. Approval of Foreign Exchange Students
  6. Approval of New Member to District 5 Committees - (replaces Ralph Scott)
  7. Election - Vice Chairman of District 5 - Replacement for Ralph Scott
  8. Tournament Approval
    1. Conemaugh Township Holiday Booster Tournament - December 6 & 7, 2002 - Wrestling
  9. Correspondence To:
    1. Fannett Metal
    2. District 5 Committee - Revised sheets for Handbook pages 31 & 32 and fee schedules
    3. PIAA State Ticket Mailing List - Basketball
  10. Correspondence From
    1. Mr. Ralph Scott - Resignation from District 5 Committee
    2. Volleyball Coach at North Star
    3. PIAA
    4. Spalding Sports/Wilson
    5. Volleyball - District 5 AA Champions
    6. Bedford High School Basketball in District 6 Tournament
  11. New Business
    1. Game Packets
      1. Soccer
      2. Volleyball
    2. Officials Recommendations
  12. Reports
    1. Football
    2. Cross Country
    3. Golf
    4. Girls Tennis
    5. Girls Soccer
    6. Boys Soccer
    7. Volleyball
    8. Boys Basketball
    9. Girls Basketball
  13. PIAA Update
  14. Other Items
  15. Adjournment


  1. Meeting called to order at 2:08 p.m.
  2. Approval of September  18, 2002 minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's report
  4. Bob Sell Principal of Northern Bedford High School, was approved to replace Ralph Scott as a committee member representing Bedford County.  Mr. Scott has been appointed Superintendent for Southern Fulton School District.  A resignation was accepted from Mr. Scott.
  5. Dave Koba was nominated to replace Ralph Scott as Vice-Chairman of the committee.  The nomination will be made official at the April 2003 re-organizational meeting.
  6. Rockwood High School counted two forfeits in the girls volleyball ratings over Johnstown Vo-Tech, who dropped their entire athletic program last spring.  The committee learned that Rockwood has ample time and opportunity to replace those contests.  Motion to reject the forfeits.  On a roll call vote the count was 7 - yes, 0-no, and 2 - abstain
  7. Tournament Approvals
    1. Conemaugh Township Booster Holiday Wrestling Tournament
    2. Bedford Thomas Chevrolet Wrestling Tournament
    3. Bedford Track Invitational
  8. Correspondence
    1. All letters were received except Tussey Mt. recognizing the committee decision to allow Fannett Metal to host district playoff events in specified situations.  The decision was finalized.
    2. Revised handbook sheets were sent to all district schools regarding playoff fee schedules.
    3. Information received from the PIAA regarding ticket sales for basketball and wrestling playoffs at the new Giant Center in Hershey.  All extra tickets must now be purchased directly from the Giant Center.
    4. A letter was received from the North Star volleyball coach concerning a volleyball official.
    5. The following balls are recognized as PIAA championship balls:  Football - Wilson, Volleyball - Spalding
    6. It was decided to award district championship team awards to AA schools in sports of volleyball, baseball, and softball who have to compete in District 6 due to not having enough PIAA schools to have our own playoffs.  This will be done for this school year and reviewed in the summer workshop for AA schools.
  9. Reports were heard from chairmen of various district playoffs in football, cross country, golf, girls tennis, girls soccer, boys soccer, volleyball, boys basketball, and girls basketball
  10. Mr. Koba, cross country chairman, reported that District 5 has achieved the right to conduct our own championships.  We will compete with District 6 this season and explore the idea of having our own championships in the 2003 season.
  11. Mr. Palumbo gave a PIAA update.  The Oversight Council still believes that the state needs a central system  of financial accounting and we may have send all money to the state.  More will be coming on this.  The PIAA will be employing Mike Solomon as in house legal attorney.
  12. Forbes Road will be playing for the District 6 field hockey championship.
  13. Meeting adjourned at 4:35.