MEETING: May 4, 2005


  1. Welcome/Roll Call
  2. Approval of April 20, 2005 Minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's Report
  4. Correspondence From:
    1. Portage Area High School
    2. Visit from District 6 Chairman
    3. Somerset County Principals Association
    4. Action Awards
  5. Correspondence To:
    1. PIAA - Baseball
    2. Portage High School
    3. Officials Recommendation
    4. Southern Fulton High School
  6. Discussion Items
    1. Tickets and Financial Forms
    2. Football 2006-07
    3. Inclement Weather
    4. Other Items
  7. Report
    1. Baseball
    2. Softball
    3. Track
    4. Tennis
  8. June Meeting
    1. June 8th- 2:00 p.m.
    2. Rizzo's Restaurant
  9. Adjournment


  1. Meeting convened at 2:08
  2. Approval of April 20, 2005 minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's report
  4. Correspondence
    1. Portage High School - Incident with an umpire.  Mr. Beachley will investigate.
    2. District 6 Chairman - Concerning baseball game that involved Conemaugh Twp and coach's umpiring
    3. The Somerset County Principals voted on committee replacements.
    4. All Spring Awards are in from Action Awards and bill is in the mail.
    5. Officials recommendations for baseball and softball are received.
    6. The football co-op between Southern Fulton and James Buchanan is on the agenda for the May meeting of the PIAA Board of Directors.
  5. Discussion Items
    1. Tickets and Financial Forms were discussed for Spring Sports Championships.
    2. A discussion of the May vote on a final reading by the PIAA Board of Directors concerning the start of sports seasons was thoroughly discussed by the committee.  The committee is opposed to starting all sports seasons earlier, but is in favor of starting football only one week earlier.  Our members on the Board of Directors are asked yes on this proposal.
    3. The committee was informed by the PIAA that the softball bat cannot be heated during games.
    4. An inclement weather proposal is to be presented at the June meeting.
  6. Reports
    1. A baseball, softball rating report was given and the possible situations of ties and play-ins were discussed by the committee and chairman.
    2. The District Track packet was passed out and preparations discussed.
    3. A seeding meeting for baseball and softball schools entering the districts will be held at Chestnut Ridge High School on Sunday, May 22nd at noon.
  7. The June meeting will be held on June 8 at 2:00 at Rizzo's Restaurant.
  8. The meeting was adjourned at 3:40.