MEETING: October 19, 2005


  1. Welcome/Roll Call
  2. Approval of September 14, 2005, Meeting
  3. Approval of Treasurer's Report/Payment of Bills
    1. Wally Blucas' Family - Donation
  4. Correspondence to:
    1.  PIAA Official Recommendations:  Football, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Soccer
    2. Berlin and Rockwood High School (verbal)
  5. Correspondence from:
    1. Berlin and Rockwood High School
    2. Golf Championship Site Change (Girls)
    3. Cross Country District 6
    4. Soccer incident in Bedford
    5. Tussey Mountain
  6. Foreign Exchange Students
  7. Transfer Hearing (paper)
    1. North Star High School
    2. Windber High School
  8. New Business
    1. oversite at game playoffs
    2. football brackets
    3. wrestling leagues and contact name
    4. tickets - 1st round sites
  9. Reports
    1. Golf
    2. Tennis - girls
    3. Cross Country
    4. Soccer
    5. Volleyball
    6. Football
    7. Wrestling
    8. Basketball
  10. Other Items
  11. Adjournment


  1. Meeting convened at 2:05.
  2. The Secretary's report of September 14, 2005 was approved
  3. Approval of the Treasurer's report.
    1. Approval of $50 donation to Blucas family
  4. All recommendations for PIAA officials in football, volleyball, field hockey, and soccer playoffs are in.  In the case of football officials, a question arose on the rating of football officials.
  5. Correspondence to:
    1. Correspondence was received concerning a Berlin-Rockwood soccer match.  One of the officials did not show.  Another official came of of the stands to assist.  The match was extremely rough and was suspended by the officials with Rockwood leading 2-1.  The committee determined that the score will stand.  The committee voted that sanction letters will be sent to both the Berlin and Rockwood School Districts.  Both schools will be on warning for the rest of this soccer season and for the entire 2006 season that any incident will bring about a District Committee hearing investigating the incident.  A copy will be sent to all District 5 schools as a concern about lack of good sportsmanship in district sports.  All schools are to closely monitor behavior at athletic events.
    2. The PIAA Girls Golf championship will be changed to Heritage Hills.
    3. At the Cross Country championships District 5 and District 6 will run separate and District 5 will run after District 6.
    4. A soccer incident at Bedford was reported.  The teams were not involved.
    5. A boy is playing volleyball at Tussey Mountain.
  6. Approval of foreign exchange students
    1. Tussey Mountain
  7. The following transfers were approved
    1. North Star
    2. Windber
  8. New Business
    1. The committee decided that a neutral District 5 Committee member will be assigned as an observer to evaluate all intra district soccer matches and football playoff games.  The evaluator will receive a $50.00 fee plus mileage and will report back to the committee.
    2. Tickets for the 1st round playoff sites.  The host school will use their own tickets and attach the first and last tickets.
    3. Officials - Background checks may not be required.  W-9's may be coming.
  9. Reports
    1. Golf - The District 5 tournament in 2006 will return to Great Cove.  It is proving to be an excellent site.
    2. District 5 tournament reports and preparations in Tennis, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball and Football were presented by district sport chairpersons.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 5:05.