MEETING: May 5, 2004


  1. Welcome/Roll Call
  2. Approval of April 21, 2004 Minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's Report
  4. Payment of Bills
  5. Approval of Conemaugh Township to have a rifle team beginning with the 2004-05 school year.
  6. Discussion Items
    1. Bedford - Open Basketball Playoffs
    2. Composition of District 5 Committee
    3. 2004-06 Playoff brackets
    4. Spring sports playoff financial forms/tickets
    5. June 10, 2004 Meeting - 1:00 p.m. Rizzo's
    6. Handbook changes for 2004-05
    7. Cooperative Sports Agreement in Junior High Soccer
      1. Rockwood/Turkeyfoot - Soccer due June 10th
  7. Correspondence
    1. Bedford High School concerning Bedford representation on District 5 committee
  8. Spring Sports Report
    1. Tennis
    2. Baseball
    3. Softball
    4. Track
    5. Football
  9. Other Items
  10. Adjournment


  1. Meeting convened at 2:10 p.m.
  2. Approval of April 21, 2004 Minutes
  3. Approval of Treasurer's report
  4. Approval of Conemaugh Twp, North Star, and Meyersdale having rifle teams in the 2004-05 school year. The WestPac now has seven schools with rifle teams. Dave Koba will have information for the June meeting if we wish to name a chairman for district competition.
  5. Discussion Items
    1. John Black, Bedford Athletic Director, requested the district to have an open tournament in AA Boys Basketball. After discussion, no motion was made to change the present format.
    2. A discussion of representation on the district committee was held. Mr. Palumbo received a letter from the Bedford School District concerning Bedford representation on the District Committee. Motion by Palmer and Garlock to approve the following policy written by Mr. Palumbo for membership on the committee. Unanimous approval. Mr. Koba will give a wrestling report at the June meeting.
      1. Non-voting members serve at the will and discretion of the District 5 Committee. All non-voting members must be endorsed by their home school to serve as a non-voting member. The District 5 Committee may also appoint previously elected committee members as advisors of the District Committee who also serve at the will and discretion of the Committee members.
    3. Mr. Palumbo handed out 2004-06 PIAA Playoff Brackets and Spring sports playoff financial forms and tickets.
    4. The June meeting will be charged to June 10 at 1:00 pm at Rizzo's
    5. Rockwood and Turkeyfoot will request a cooperative in Junior High Soccer if all forms are in by June 10, 2004.
  6. Spring sports reports were given by sport chairmen in boys tennis, baseball, softball and track.
  7. District 5 will return to our own playoffs in Class A football in the 2004 fall season. A discussion of the handbook. There will be 10 schools in Class A football.
  8. Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.